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1. 'Let There Be Light - a study into the intent of God's Heart and Mind'

"The ultimate word in the mystery of Christ is:
No more iniquity’

in the new heaven and earth"

Dear readers and friends,

I wrote and published this book  'Let there be Light - a study into the intent of God's Heart and Mind' in 2014, after 20 years in cross cultural ministry. 

The purpose of this book  hopes to communicate gently, in clarity and in simplicity, what God is showing us in the Bible about His intent. As its title 'Let There Be Light', my joy is complete if it serves to help you see clearer in the Scriptures and walk closer in sure assurance of our hope, faith and love in God and His Christ, our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you desire a hardcopy or a softcopy version of the book, please email me of your reguest.

Sincerely Yours,

Danny Boey

2. Preface

Let there be Light!  

A study into the intent of the Heart and Mind of God

Copyright ©Danny Boey 2014

Published by Danny Boey
ISBN:  978-981-09-4666-1
First Edition: 2015

Printed in Singapore

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scriptures quotations are from the New King James Version, copyright © 1999 by Thomas Nelson, Inc

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronics, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other – except for brief quotations in printed reviews, without the prior permission of the author.

To my wife,

Lydia Fung
You are the ‘wind beneath my wings’
The lyric of Bette Midler’s song is about you.
This volume with this song is indebted and affectionately

Dedicated to you


There are many people who are contributors and influencers of my life.

They were the forerunnersThey were bearers of various facets of the Light dawning. They understood and recorded the preceding truth before us in their time and place. I and many others serve as the present runners. We have the privilege of continuing the race in our time and place by penning the present truth in writings and in books. In the near future the frontrunners will pick up and continue this work in their time and place with proceeding truth until the progressive truth is fully  revealed “and so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts; knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation,   for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” (2 Peter 1:19-21).

My understanding expressed in this book is limited to this point in time as the progressive revelation of God’s truth has unfolded. It is the Holy Spirit who inspired and illuminated these insights to me. If He did not inspire, stir and guard my spirit to search for this prophetic illumination, it would be impossible for me to see anything. It is Him who gave the inspiration; I only did the perspiration by His grace given to me. The Holy Spirit has also inspired many other biblical scholars in recent Biblical Theology research.
My understanding is gained experientially, empirically and through the expository of the Scripture. There are many teachings and notes of others that I have kept and compiled over the years that are used in this book and it is these collaborative efforts, who through a corporative process deliver for the Body to be made ready as the Bride. They are for the Bride and the acknowledgment is intentionally given to the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father as promised to the Son. I therefore hold no claim to ownership. My name as the author of this book is to bear responsibility of its content. The readers are free to use these insights or content herein for edifying the Bride, subjected only to the terms of the copyright.

To the frontrunners, you who are pressing toward the finishing line, I salute you. The cloud of witnesses whose names were written in the ‘Hall of Faith’ in Hebrews chapter 11 cheers you on! For we are all pressing on toward the 'city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God…and therefore God is not ashamed to be called our God, for He has prepared a city for us.'  Don’t be discouraged. Press on! Stay faithful, do not be distracted, and run your portion well; be well placed to pass the baton to the next runner; do your utmost for His Highest, knowing this profound truth; for the Bride must suffer like the Bridegroom … “ought not the Christ (the Bride) to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?” (Luke 24:26). The Chinese phrase 'chi de ku zhong ku, fang de ren shang ren', in Chinese character 吃得苦中方為人上 means having tasted the hardest of hardship; you attain the greatness of a man (c.f. Heb 5:5-11). Jesus is the Perfect Man…the greatest of all! Hardship increases stature. Bear the cross, this is Jesus’ way, truth and life (John 14:6) and finally God will give you a name where others seek for a name (Phil 2:5-10).

Run to finish well!

Then I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest 
who shall do according to 
what is in My heart and in My mind
I will build him a sure house, 
and he shall walk before My anointed forever. NKJV

1 Sam 2:35-36


Preface          11
Chapter 1                  Cosmic Chaos - The Plot of His Story  19
§  Why God said what He said? 20
§  Uncovering the Plot of His Story 21
§  Understanding the KOG and what it involves 24
§  Ownership and Rulership in the KOG 28
§  Functioning Properly 30
§  Understanding the Structure of government in KOG 36
§  Three Arms of Government 38
§  Three folds anointing: Priest, King, Prophet 39
§  Melchizedek 40
§  Understanding the cause of Cosmic Chaos in the heavenly Kingdom before Genesis One 42
§  Cosmic Chaos and a Dysfunctional Kingdom in heaven 47
§  Understanding the Plot of His Story 54
§  Summary 58
§  Understanding the Mystery in Christ 62
§  The 3 folds of salvation 67

Chapter 2                 Colonisation  – Why God Create & Colonise Earth 73
§  Motive for Creation and Colonisation 73
§  Preparation of creation for Kingdom Colonisation 79
§  Purpose of Creation acts on Earth 89
§  Beware of various theologies 91
§  Temple of God in Garden of Eden 92
§  Restoring the Temple of God as the mission of the Church 97
§  Contemporary Cultural colonisation and Culture War 99
Chapter 3                 Corruption – What God is revealing in the Fall?       103    
§  Preparing Adam’s heart 103
§  The Test and Fall 104
§  Life and Lifestyle 105
§  Cognitive vs Revelation Knowledge 106
§  Be “like God” or “God-like” 107
§  Right or Righteous 108
§  Stature or Status 110
§  Of Adam and Eve 110
§  Reason for the Fall 114
§  The Fall in Genesis 3 – What God is revealing? 115
§  Divine Order of Headship 116
§  The Veil of Self 119
§  Corruption 121
§  The Cross – dealing with iniquity 122
§  The Flood in Genesis Seven 123
§  Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Flood in Genesis Six 125
§  Summary 126

Chapter 4                  Christ – The New Creation in the Man Jesus 131
§  ‘Man’ 131
§  The Four Gospels 132
§  Can Christians be perfected in their earthly life?
§  Creation of Man for the New Creation 134
§  The heart of son, servant and subject of the Kingdom 135
§  Why man? 136
§  The Context, the Church, the Cross, the Culture, the Colony, the Crown, the New Creation 140
§  The Ascension – continued Incarnation of Jesus the Man in Heaven 146
§  What a Man? 148
§  The Man has become ‘so much better’ than angels 150
§  The Ascension – the first Man in Heaven 151
§  Sonship (Huious) 152
§  Seek a name or given a name 153
§  The inauguration of the true Tabernacle In Heaven 155
§  The Apostolic Mandate 157
§  Holaras – the right time 159
§  “As you are lighted up here, heaven is lighted up too” 163
§  Colonisation, Church and Consummation 164
§  Jesus’ Inheritance for his brethren 165
§  Our inheritance in Christ – the High Calling 166
§  Press in to bring down that they may enter in 167
§  Caution – Deification or Humanization 168
Chapter 5                  Concealed - The Process for the New Creation         173
§  Not a new concept but a new way 173
§  Neglect not so great a salvation 174
§  The Tabernacle of Moses – Picture, Pattern and Process for the New Creation 175
§  The Divine, Spiritual and Natural 177
§  Entrance is from the East 178
§  The Temple layout in the Garden of Eden 178
§  Cain’s ungodly line – the consequences of rejecting God 182
§  The Ark, the Flood and Baptism 183
§  God’s Pattern, Process, Priesthood of the order of Melchizedek 208
§  Holiness 209
§  Sanctification 210
§  Spiritual Impartation 211
§  Entering the Holy Place of the Temple 212
§  Into the Most Holy Place 213
§  Shiloh – the entrance into the Most Holy Place, the Temple of God 214
§  Priesthood in the OT 218
§  God’s type of priesthood 218
§  The secret of the apostolic church – the Samuel and David generations 220
Chapter 6                 Crossover – The Priesthood & the Kingdom 223
§  When the Day of Pentecost has fully come – First fruits and Pentecost 223
§  Heaven is waiting 225
§  We have a purpose, process and product in our life on earth 226
§  The Melchizedek Priesthood in Zion 229
§  Why crossover to enter the Promised Land – to obtain inheritance 230
§  Our Inheritance – a more excellent name 232
§  Our earthly journey with God is all about obtaining the inheritance 234
§  The way in 235
§  Seven stages into the Kingdom 237
§  Seeing the Kingdom 237
§  Qualified for the Kingdom 238
§  Entering the Kingdom 239
§  The ancient apostolic pathway to maturity and discipleship 240
§  The importance of reaching the spiritual stage of Gilgal 241
§  Spiritual dimensions in Gilgal 241
§  Subduing for the Kingdom 243
§  Right or Righteous 245
§  Dominion for the Kingdom 245
§  Reigning for the Kingdom 247
§  Inheritance for the Kingdom 248
§  Understanding the different stages of our spiritual life 249
§  Taking down our own Jericho 249
§  People change but not much 252
§  Territorial Governmental Anointing 253
§  Who are the spiritual Philistines 254
§  Priestly life in the Holy Place 255
§  Seven dynamics in the Lampstand 258
§  The Light Manifesto 261
§  Summary 261
Chapter 7                 Completion – The Cycles until finished   267
§  Teleios 267
§  Panoramic view of time 267
§  Navigating the challenging days ahead 271
§  Bringing the churches into inheritance 275
§  The Pursuit of Destiny – power to finish well 277
§  Be a Builder and not just a Blesser 283
§  Seven dimensions of the Ecclesia 285
§  Enter but yet to obtain the inheritance 288
§  Not Elitism 289
§  Realising the Church paradigm 290
§  How to enter into our inheritance in Christ 296
§  Crossing River Jordan, entering to Gilgal
§  Training the inner man 298
§  Understanding spiritual dynamics and dimensions of priest/king in the Holy Place 300
§  Spiritual capacity 300
§  Spiritual stature 302
§  Spiritual consecration 303
§  Understanding grace for primary assignment and consecration 304
§  Life and lifestyle 305
§  Spiritual Wisdom 306
§  Spiritual producer and Reproducer 308
§  From Ebenezer to Zion – Ascension life and Throne life in the Most Holy Place 310
§  Pursuit of destiny in Christ 315
§  Don’t seek a name, allows God to give you the name 321
§  The seed of your inheritance 324
§  A word about Kingdom emphasis 326
About the author 335

Selected Bibliography for future readings 337

Appendix A - Definition of spiritual terminology used 339

Appendix B – Overall view of the journey & process  343

Appendix C – Symbol of the New Heaven & New Earth 345

Appendix D: The Overview of the Story of the Bible 351


This volume is a culmination of my twenty years journey. I was born again in 1974 and for the next twenty years was a dormant Christian until in 1994, when coincidently on my born-again date God supernaturally encountered me and brought me on this journey. To commemorate the great mercy of God on my life and to mark this milestone, I started writing this volume on my born-again date in 2014.

I have been involved in cross cultural ministry since 1994. During this time (1994-2014) I witnessed a very significant moment of Christianity and the Church. It was a period of transition from the last decade of the 20th Century crossing over to the first decade of the 21st Century.

During this period many new movements and their terminologies came into traditional Christianity, like the ‘AD 2000 and Beyond Movement’, the unreached people groups (UPGs), the  spiritual warfare networks (SWN) movement, the prophetic and apostolic reformation, city taking, transformation, cultural mandate, ‘Reclaiming the 7 mountains (R7M) movement’, marketplace ministry, Discipling Nations etc. There was seemingly an acceleration of the restoration truths by the Holy Spirit in a major heavenly course correction of the Church. These were sudden releases of energy and fresh momentums with its accompanied ‘turbulences’ in the Body. Simultaneously in the biblical scholarly field, there was revival in the discipline and research of Biblical Theology which looks at the process of revelation throughout redemptive history and on finding a cohesive unity in the rich diversity of the Scripture.

I was actively involved with these movements in three areas - physically in cross culture world missions, spiritually in the prophetic and apostolic moves, and biblically in Biblical Theology. I was literally involved in Person, in Spirit and in the Word.

Having been parachuted into the Apostolic Move of the 90s by the Holy Spirit, I have a special inclination for the word ‘apostolic’! The late Art Katz in the preface of his book ‘Apostolic Foundations’ impacted me profoundly with his statement and I quote:

“I have a very special respect for the word apostolic. To lose its meaning threatens the loss of the faith itself. It is not a word that is easy to define, and yet there is something about this word and its meaning that is at the heart of the faith. It is an ultimate word, and it is a word that needs to be resuscitated and not be thoughts of as merely a denominational identification. It is a word that pulsates with glory, and therefore we need to seek for and rescue the apostolic foundation – or we will not have a church worthy of that word.”
At a later stage of my journey while I was still in the midst of pursuing these spirit and word dynamics, and movements, the phrase in 1 Samuel 2:35 “what is in My heart and in My mind” caught my attention.  With all these moves and emphasis and ‘turbulences’, I saw a need to provide a ‘road map’ for guidance and for direction. I saw a need for the answer to all these happenings that the Spirit of God is activating in the Body … “What is in the heart, mind and intent of God in all of these?”
I believe this is the question in every true follower of Lord Jesus Christ. Seeking and communicating the answer to this question has been my passion, pursuit, purpose and preoccupation. With this book, I hope to present a thumbnail sketch of ‘the big picture’ to the heart, mind and intent of God.

The approach of this presentation is the method of Biblical Theology of finding unity in diversity. The Bible contains 66 books, written by 40 different authors, over 1500 years, in 3 different languages, on 3 different continents and yet in its rich diversity it has only one story…His Story! God want to tell us what He was and is doing, and why, as this story or ‘His Story’ is unfolded historically and even in our world today. The entire Bible is moving according to His purpose and toward a goal of what God is achieving. It helps us to see “The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed; the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed” in this story.

The focus in this presentation is on the plot of His Story or the main backbone in the Bible. This focus hopefully enables us to see clearer the revelation of God historically in the last 6000 years; in the Bible, in Abraham and his family, in the nation of Israel, in the prophets, in Jesus Christ, in the history of the Church, in the World History and empirically in mankind and societies. The Holy Spirit is steering the contemporary Church toward Kingdom orientation. The Church is traditionally familiar with Gospel of Salvation which emphasises the Lordship of Jesus Christ in an individual life, with the strong emphasis of a personal vertical relationship with God. That is the blessing of salvation but the purpose of the salvation is the Gospel of the Kingdom. God has formed that individual as His priest and now placed him in a place to liberate it and transform it into His ‘Garden’. This priest of God Most High is required to learn how to subdue and liberate the domains of the place, guide and guard the Garden and let it flourish, be it his or her home, work, business, community, society or nation; according to the delegated authority God give on that individual or group. The strong emphasis here is a horizontal personal relationship with the locality as God’s approved change agent. The difference is now on the flourishing of a locality with the Lordship of Jesus Christ and reigning in righteousness. It requires a paradigm shift with new spiritual dynamics and dimensions. It requires spiritual stature, knowledge, understanding, skills and wisdom to rule, reign, overcome and prevail in the midst of difficulties, challenges and enemies of the Cross. The blessing and the purpose of the salvation is for the intent of the salvation, which is to prepare the new priesthood in the order of Melchizedek as God’s own inheritance for the new Kingdom of Heaven.

The style of presentation was developed over the years to present ‘God’s meaning in God’s words’ in simple concise form with visual diagrams for easy understanding for my cross cultural audience. This volume originates in its embryonic stage with my teachings in developing creative access nations (CANs). The details are intentionally kept brief. To those full of age capable of solid food (Heb 5:14), may the big picture spur with sufficient clarity and in the right direction that they in subsequent research can validate and flesh out the skeletal outline presented.  To those who are hungry for the depths of the words of God, there are volumes of books written for further readings.

The aim of this presentation is to serve as a roadmap, roughly sketched, in the hands of the reader as you journey through the different landscapes and terrains, seasons and times, cultures and societies, thoughts and ideas, knowledge and understanding, and to help you locate yourself and gain orientation, meaning, and purpose in your time, place and context of your life. The Holy Spirit is your guide, His word is your lamp, and together it gives light. I hope this roadmap provides sufficient ‘landmarks’ over the vast fields to facilitate as reference points to anchor our thoughts to dig deeper to uncover and discover. May this roadmap also cause readers to perceive fresh and wonderful things in the Scriptures as new pathways different from the normal perspective are made! The Bible must be read God-centred and not man-centred. For teachers and trainers, this map is best used with the following skills of 7P:

1.  Picture – Know His Heart and the details will fill in.
2.  Pattern – Know His ways  and see destiny
3. Process – Know His doings and gain wisdom
4.  Principle –Know His nature and gain patience
5.  Practical – Walk with His guiding Light in life formation (7H)
6.  Prophetic – Be of Light in foresight with insight based on hindsight. Navigate with wisdom and discernment. Be pre-emptive and proactive for repositioning and transitioning to the next phase. Be careful of ruts. Be aware of stagnation and fossilization and the danger of enculturation and snares. Have the grace to step down for succession like John the Baptist.
7.  Product – “In your light, they see Light!” (Psalms 36:9). The Christ in you, the hope of glory.

The 7 H

a. Head – mindset
b. Heart – purity
c. Hand – clean
d. Habit – consecration
e. Honour – substance
f. Hedge – traps
g. Holiness – root

The purpose of this presentation is also to attempt a synthesis of several spiritual and biblical truths. It serves well to give you a map but it would be excellent to tell you the spiritual ‘how-to’ to reach the finishing point and the wisdom of ‘what to do next’ thereafter. I find it impossible to separate the dynamics and dimensions of the Spirit from the Word in communicating the intention of God’s heart and mind. There is an abundance of Christian materials on character formation and spirituality around the Cross but not much around the Throne (there is another dimension of life in Zion, the Most Holy Place).  The repented understanding of our minds in His Word, the development of our inner man in His Spirit, and the nurturing of our heart in His Light are necessarily for authentic living out of the fulfilment of what is in God’s Heart and Mind as the days of subtle deception creep in. In our light, others must see Light!

May this book helps the Body understands the heart of the Son to the Father and the heart cry of the Father Himself to the Body and let the Spirit prepares the Bride in the 'word of the Spirit and the spirit of the Word' (Isaiah 59:21-60:1).

Word & Spirit --> Light--> Glory

May it result in doxology to our God! 

Danny Boey  
21st June 2014

[1] The border surrounding the words indicates the process of spiritual dynamics and dimension needed for the outcome.